Friday, 25 March 2011

Challenge 12 - PRACTISE TAI CHI

I was worried about this one - not about the physical and emotional demands of this gentle martial art - but that I might giggle and be asked to leave with my head hung in shame. As it happens, you have to concentrate far too hard to have time to giggle, even when faced, literally, by some 'expulsions of air' from the other practitioners! It is more physically challenging and mentally absorbing than I anticipated, which left me feeling invigorated and eager for more.

We were blessed by glorious weather, which meant that we could practise outside, with the grass under our bare (in March!) feet, surrounded by the 5 elements of Tai Chi - earth, water, fire (the Sun!), metal and wood. We even tried some meditative breathing around our Tai Chi tree - dangerously close to tree-hugging, I know.

Photos were obviously a no-no as they would have interrupted the flow of The Form and upset the balance, but rather than asking you to take my word for it that I was absolutely brilliant, we took a few snaps on the cliff top on the way home. My brilliance is plain for all to see, though my husband Iain remarked that I looked more like a cross between Max Wall and Scott Tracy of Thunderbirds! My lovely friend, Denise, was very patient and waited for all my pent-up giggling to subside before capturing the moment.

We did come across another Tai-Chi nut (for that is indeed what I now am) practising on the cliff top, but he was very very small. Perhaps it makes you shrink!

I'm off to commune with nature and find Yin and Yang, whoever they are!

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